Sterling Academy Belfast



To raise the awareness of mental illness and the stigma surrounding it as well as the impact of a Mental Health diagnoses on individuals within society. The course also looks at promoting and maintaining positive mental health.

Who is this course for?

This one day course is ideal for organisations such as, Voluntary services, Housing and Benefit staff, Support staff within the health/social care services, Schools and businesses, Citizen Advice and Advocacy staff. Suitable for service users & Carers.

Course Summary

  • What is mental health? What is mental illness? What is the difference?
  • Who can experience mental distress?
  • Causes, risk factors, diagnostic criteria and classifications
  • Major types of mental illness – Do you know your neuroses from your psychosis? – Depression & anxiety – Bipolar Affective Disorder – Schizophrenia & Schizoaffective Disorder – Personality Disorders – Risk Taking Behaviours; including Suicidal and self-harming behaviours
  • Treatments available and current guidelines – Managing intense emotions – How to identify any issues and know when to refer to and liaise with relevant agencies
  • Recovery and mental health – is it possible?


By the end of the session participants will be able to:
  • Describe what is meant by the terms mental illness and mental health.
  • Identify the most common mental health diagnosis
  • Recognise some of the symptoms of the most common mental illnesses
  • List the risk factors that may contribute to the development of a mental health problem.
  • Discuss recovery for those experiencing mental illness
  • Challenge some of the stereotypes and stigma associated with the term mental illness
  • Identify ways of looking after your own mental wellbeing.