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Inaugural Lectures

What is an inaugural lecture? Inaugural lectures are a great opportunity to learn more about the exciting, and ground-breaking research and teaching being carried out by colleagues within the different faculties of Elexxer Healthcare Academy and the Universities from which they are drawn. All new teachers,  are invited to give an inaugural lecture on any aspect of their work, in recognition of their appointment. Lectures are held across all faculties and subject areas, ensuring a broad range of topics to suit all interests and research themes. Inaugurals also provide an opportunity to celebrate and share our staff’ achievements in research, teaching, engagement, and innovation, across the Academy and beyond. Unlike many Inaugural Lectures we make ours less formal and a real social occasion where we get to know new members of staff both professionally and as people. Can anyone attend? Yes! Entrance to inaugural lectures is free, although registration is usually required. All staff, students and members of the community are encouraged to attend to learn more about the wide range of teaching and research across the Academy. It is a great opportunity for students to find out which teaching styles they prefer and to get to know staff and their range of interests.  
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