As a firm we believe research is vital to all we do in particular when tailoring solutions to the pressing needs of our healthcare sector.
Leading the field in this area of mental health research is the Mental Health Foundation whose report Fundamental Facts – Northern Ireland exposed the real need here.
Speaking at the launch they said “The first Fundamental Facts was produced in 2007 to mark the landmark Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey in England.i Since 2015, Fundamental Facts has become a regular publication by researchers in the Mental Health Foundation. In addition to the full UK report, we publish a Fundamental Facts for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. With each publication, we aim to strengthen the range of statistics that we include and your suggestions for additions are welcome. As the UK’s leading public mental health charity we draw together not only illustrative statistics on conditions and services, but also gures relating to the social, political and economic factors that impact mental health. Further, the Foundation’s strong advocacy for equity grounded policy, research and practice means that we want those who use Fundamental Facts to access statistics that inform on protected characteristics and socio-economic status.”